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Phone  (405) 632-2800
 Fax (405) 632-2854
 Parts Fax (405) 632-2856
813 S.E. 84th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73149

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Whether your buying or renting a JLG aerial work platform, you will have the confidence of knowing that these machines provide you and your operators with unmatched strength, versatility, safety, and comfort.


Articulating Boom Lifts - Used primarily on indoor and slab applications for reaching up and over machinery, equipment, and other obstacles mounted on floors, and for reaching other elevated positions.

Electric Powered Articulating Boom Lifts
  • Platform Heights are available from 30 ft. to 60 ft.
  • Faster lift and drive speeds
  • Smoother operator controls
  • Exclusive JLG features like the JibPLUS boom and Automatic Traction Control. Innovations such as multi-power sources, simultaneous lift/swing functions, smooth controls
 Articulating Boom Lifts
  • Ten models are available with diesel, gasoline, and dual fuel (gas and propane) powerplants
  • Platform heights are available from  45 ft. to 150 ft. including the Model 150HAX, the world's largest self-propelled articulating telescopic boom lift.
  • Operator controls are common to the 450, 600, and 800 Series lifts.



Telescopic Boom Lifts - For applications that require reach capability. The machine's turntable may be rotated 360 degrees continuously in either direction. The boom can be raised or lowered from vertical to below horizontal and extended while the work platform remains horizontal. 

Telescopic Boom Lifts
  • The highest reaching telescopic boom lift on the planet
  • Almost double the work envelope of any other boom lift
  • 1,000 lb. capacity in the majority of the work envelope
  • Tightest turning radius, the best crab steer ratio
  • Exclusive advanced systems management for a controlled arc (easier, safer positioning)



Scissor Lifts - For applications where more workspace and more lifting capacity are required. They are designed to provide larger platform work areas and generally allow for heavier loads than boom lifts.

Scissor Lifts
  • A full range of platform heights from 19 ft. to 43 ft.
  • Rigid scissor arms provide the operator with the feeling of a solid and sturdy platform
  • JLG's electric scissor lifts provide double duty cycles for hours of operation in multi-shift conditions
  • JLG's rugged rough terrain scissor lifts provide optimal rough terrain performance
  • Smoother controls combined with faster lift and drive speeds provide optimal productivity for the operator



Vertical Personnel Lifts - Consisting of a work platform attached to an aluminum mast that extends vertically, which in turn is mounted on a steel base. The AM (ACCESSMASTER) Series is a "push-around" machine that can be rolled in the retracted position through standard door openings. The DVL Series is a self-propelled machine that is driveable at full platform height.

Vertical Personnel Lifts
  • The most rigid anodized mast in the industry
  • Long battery duty cycles
  • Six-wheel design for increased maneuverability
  • Can be loaded by a single person onto standard truck bed for transportation
  • Common family of quick-change platforms
  • Unique models for stock-picking productivity



Stock Pickers - With the mobile stock pickers, your workforce can reach higher, carry more weight and work more efficiently. A single worker with an MSP can lift and carry up to 500 lbs. at working heights up to 25 feet and do work that would typically require two people with a ladder.

Stock Pickers
  • Push-around stock pickers: feature large platforms, high capacities of 500 lbs and working heights up to 21 feet without the need for outriggers.
  • Store Support Vehicles: Lighter-duty driveable stock picker give your employees the ability to lift 250 lbs and reach up to 16 feet.
  • Mobile Stock Pickers: More powerful, more reliable, and more versatile, the new driveable MSP Series will help you meet more of your access challenges.



Workstation in the Sky Accessories - With the JLG Workstation in the Sky family of accessories, your aerial work platform takes on the power of an integrated work tool by allowing operators to work free from ground-based tools. Welders, cutters, and glaziers are built right into the platform to provide substantial productivity gains. Choose from the following accessories:

  • Sky Power - Machines with the Sky Power Package include a self-contained 7500W generator with a power cable, air line integrated into the boom. A side-entry platform provides improved entry and allows for quick installation of the Sky Glazier panel tray. These features combine to provide the power for hand tools and many add-on JLG accessory packages.

  • Sky Welder - A 250 amp Miller welder positioned under the control station conserves space and provides stick and TIG capability. 

  • Sky Air - Power air tools with the JLG on-board air compressor

  • Easi-Cladder - Factory approved manipulator reduces costly panel damage and the 3500W generator provides tools with the power to fasten cladding

  • Sky Cutter - Cut faster and cleaner with an on-board Miller plasma cutter.

  • Nite Bright Light up dark or low-light areas. The scissor package includes four platform mounted 40-watt lights, and the boom package includes two 40-watt platform mounted lights and four additional lights that illuminate the area around the turret and chassis.

  • Sky Saw - Integrated wall sawing and drilling system. Self-contained hydraulics and water tanks eliminate stand-alone power packs and water trucks. Hydraulic powered saw positioner reduces operator fatigue. Onboard power washer reduces costly back charges by enabling on-the-spot pressure washing.

  • Sky Glazier - The first and only factory approved glass and panel tray.

  • Sky Cleaner - On-board 3,500 psi pressure washer system

  • Sky Positioner - Designed for workers placing heavy pipe and ductwork overhead. The removable, platform mounted, pipe and duct positioning system includes jacks to lift heavy object (up to 1,000 lb.) and the ability to position the object front-to-rear and side-to-side.

  • Pro-Fit Packages - Enhancing packages designed for the specific needs of electricians, plumbers, mechanical contractors, drywall contractors, and plant maintenance professionals. The packages include several accessories. A workstation with workbench holds a reciprocating saw, drill circular saw, battery charger, components and an optional 12-Volt plug to power tool chargers from the scissor batteries. Other package features include a rail mounted vice, pipe racks, wire spool holder, panel carrier and Quik Welder.





Flat Bed Trailers: Even hard-to-load equipment becomes a one-person job with a Triple-L flatbed trailer. These models are ideal for carrying equipment with low ground clearance or poor traction such as scissor lifts, industrial sweepers, landscaping equipment, pavers, rollers, compactors and more. With nine models to choose from and capacities up to 10,000 pounds - you'll always find the right solution.

Utility Trailers: Triple-L utility trailers load as quickly and easily as flatbed models, with the added convenience of enclosed sides. These dual-purpose models are ideal for carrying equipment or supplies. A full width, low angle ramp allows for easier loading with a handcart or dolly. Choose from eight models with capacities up to 10,000 pounds. Optional rails and a tailgate can be added or removed at any time for added convenience.

Enclosed Trailers:  Now you can have all the benefits of ground level loading and the protection and security of a fully enclosed trailer in one productive package. With the Triple-L enclosed trailer in one productive package. With Triple-L enclosed trailer, the payload can be kept secure and out of the weather year-round. Take your choice of three models, all with a 6,000 pound capacity and protection to spare.



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